New York Post says Kelsey Merritt’s Victoria’s Secret runway debut a dream, God-given

Kelsey Merritt is on the New York Post pages days ahead of her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show debut. Image from NYPost.

Filipino model Kelsey Merritt’s debut on the Victoria’s Secret runway has been featured on the New York Post.

Merritt holds the distinction of being the first Filipino model to land a spot in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018 for the commercial brand of female clothing and accessories.

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The New York-based Pampanga-native commercial model has referred to the Victoria’s Secret (VS) booking as her dream job. Merritt first landed a VS photography project in May before being confirmed for the runway gig in September.

In the New York Post article, Merritt talked about why she valued the VS stint as a dream-come-true.

“Every single model will tell you it’s their dream job. The roster of girls is just the best of the best, and to be part of that is just — you feel like you made it,” Merritt told NY Post.

Writer Christian Gollayan described Merritt’s journey to the prestigious runway as “God-given” following the Filipina’s revelation of how prayers helped her cope with the tension of the VS fashion show auditions.

“Merritt admitted she was all nerves after the tryout — but she left it up to a higher power,” wrote NY Post.

“I went to church and prayed. I said, ‘This is all in your hands now,’ ” Merritt said.

“Victoria’s Secret is such a big deal in the Philippines,” she said. “So I feel like this was something I could give back to [Filipinos].”

Kelsey Merritt is currently preparing for her Victoria Secret Fashion Show debut scheduled this November 11th in Manhattan, and will air on ABC on December 2.

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