Origami NZ by Arielle Aguilar on Super Pinoy ApnaTV-36

Origami NZ Arielle Aguilar ApnaTV-36
Kuya Romy chats with Arielle Aguilar, the business owner of Origami NZ. Screengrab from Super Pinoy E-Kwento Mo on ApnaTV-36.

Watch Origami NZ owner Arielle Aguilar on Super Pinoy E-Kwento Mo as she chats with Kuya Romy Udanga about business matters.

Arielle Aguilar was interviewed on Super Pinoy E-Kwento Mo’s Tuesdays with Kuya Romy aired over ApnaTV-36 on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM in New Zealand.

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More episodes on Super Pinoy E-Kwento Mo include New Zealand’s 12-year-old Opera Princess Jazz Vidamo and sleep specialist-psychiatrist Dr. Tony Fernando.

WATCH New Zealand’s Super Pinoy E-Kwento Mo sa ApnaTV-36 Episode 6 with Arielle Aguilar of Origami NZ here and SEND CHEERS in the comments below!

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