P-Pop SB19’s Stell invited by The Voice UK musician Jamie Miller for song collab

P-Pop SB19's Jamie Miller collab
Welsh singer-songwriter Jamie Miller gives his approval to Stell’s song cover of “Here’s Your Perfect.” Screengrab from Jamie Miller TikTok via Twitter.

Pinoy pop group SB19’s Stellvester “Stell” Ajero has been invited by The Voice UK star Jamie Miller to collaborate on the remix of his hit song, “Here’s Your Perfect”.

Los Angeles-based musician Jamie Miller revealed that he would love to work with the Filipino singer on his official Twitter account.

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“Hey @stellajero_ would you want to jump on here’s your perfect the remix,” Jamie Miller wrote in a Twitter post on July 20, 2021.

Although the international song collaboration has yet to be confirmed, Miller has hinted to his fans that a song with the SB19 member may be possible in the future.

“Yes me and stell have spoken!! You guys just have to wait and see! Such a fan! And can’t wait for the future!” Miller adds.

Miller has also uploaded his video reaction to Stell’s song cover of “Here’s Your Perfect.”

“Sir I had to react to this,” Miller said in the video caption, tagging Stell in the post.

As of this writing, Miller’s reaction to Stell’s song cover has reached nearly 150,000 likes on TikTok and over 16,800 likes and 6,400 retweets on Twitter.

American singer Dawin and Filipino songwriters August Rigo and Vince Nantes have also expressed interest in collaborating with Billboard’s chart-topping Philippine-pop group SB19.

SB19 and indie band Ben&Ben have also released their first-ever song collaboration.

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