Palawan’s Flour Sack Clothes by AraPilak promotes sustainable fashion

AraPilak Flour Sack Clothes
AraPilak dropped an eco-conscious line boosting environmental sustainability and the zero-waste initiative.

Palawan-based company AraPilak launched a clothing line made from flour sack fabric or ‘katsa’ to promote environmental sustainability amid the pandemic.

AraPilak’s newest clothing line, released on August 31, 2020, garnered much praise from netizens who lauded the brand for its eco-friendly designs.

The brand says it was inspired to bring back the traditional Filipino practice of using the katsa fabric for everything from bibs and cloth diapers to curtains.

The new collection is named ‘Ba’law’ for the Cuyonon word meaning ‘awareness’.

Aside from clothing, AraPilak also champions an assortment of sustainable and locally made products like bamboo straws, tumblers, face masks, and bags designed to decrease one’s carbon footprint.

The local company has been selling zero waste products since 2018. Jude Rivera, AraPilak’s founder, says she upcycles materials to lessen her brand’s environmental impact.

Rivera also says that AraPilak provides livelihoods for single mothers.

AraPilak hopes to inspire Filipino resiliency and resourcefulness despite difficult times.

“We want to bring back this beautiful Filipino custom that makes wise use of whatever is available to us. After all, perhaps this is one of the most valuable lessons we can learn from this pandemic,” the brand wrote in a social media post.

The flour sack clothing ranges from 250-450 pesos. Shop for the collection here.

Filipinos can support local products to stay safe and eco-conscious in the new normal.

These proudly Philippine-made reusable heritage face masks help lessen plastic use while promoting local fabric.

A Philippine company had also developed disinfectant alcohol sanitizer gel made from distilled coconut nectar.

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