LIST: Proudly Philippine-made reusable heritage face masks for public use

Philippine-made reusable heritage face masks
These face masks can be used for protection while displaying Filipino heritage textiles.

Here’s a list of Philippine-made reusable face masks for public use now that more places are easing restrictions of the community quarantine to allow the economy to recover.

Since the wearing of face masks to protect against the spread of coronavirus disease is a basic requirement when going out in public, the University of the Philippines has encouraged the use of reusable face masks instead of the medical-grade masks that are in short supply and are more needed by frontline workers.

EcoWaste Coalition has also recommended the use of reusable face masks to control the unbridled use and disposal of single-use masks made of non-biodegradable and non-recyclable plastic.

Good News Pilipinas found reusable face masks made in the Philippines that not only meet the protective design requirements but also showcase Filipino heritage and innovation while being environmentally friendly.

Price range: Php 200 – 400

On her Maria Clara. On him Ibarra Burdang Lumban.

Going by the creed “heritage won’t take a backseat this pandemic”, Herencia showcases Laguna’s famous Lumban embroidery woven into face masks named after national hero Jose Rizal’s characters in the Spanish colonial period novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

The Burdang Lumban Face Masks Collection is a Herencia collaboration with Dos Hermanos Sacred Vestment that uses cocoon fabric appliqued with Lumban’s Finest handmade full chain callado design and filter pockets.

Every Burdang Lumban face mask purchase from Herencia gives livelihood to the talented burdaderos of Lumban, Laguna, and aids with the conservation of their craft.

Interested buyers can contact Herencia through this link.

LEARN MORE about the Burdang Lumban Face Mask Collection here.

Price: Php 250

On Her: Sabong Face mask by Ma Zita with Inabel shawl handwoven and designed by no less than Magdalena Gammayo (National Living Treasure and Gawad Manlilikha ng Bayan) accented with Pinili Ilocos tamborin necklace. On Him: Alotiit Red Face Mask by Ma Zita.

The Inabel Tinguian Face Masks Collection from the Herencia x Ma Zita collaboration showcases wearable heritage from Peñarrubia, Abra.

The reversible Tinguian face masks were created using 2-layer Inabel handwoven fabric abound with colorful embroidered Tinguian/Itneg symbols:

“Sabong” (Flowers)
“Agtadtatek” (Dancing Princess)
“Alotiit” (Lucky Lizard)

Every Inabel Tinguian face mask purchase gives livelihood to the Tinguian/Itneg people of Peñarrubia, Abra while aiding with the conservation of their craft.

Contact Herencia through this link.

Price range: Php 200 – 300

On Her: Red FyeBawe Blaan facemask with Tabih (ikat weave) alampay by no less than Bai Yabing Masalon Dulo School of Living Tradition in Amgu-o -105 years old mother of the Blaan people and National Living Treasure (Gawad Manlilikha ng Bayan). On Him: Blue FyeBawe Blaan facemask and navy blue hand-beaded coat by Dad Kalyak Blaan

The Blaan Beaded Handwoven Face Masks collection from Herencia x Dad Kalyak Blaan showcases the craftsmanship of the land of dreamweavers and fantastic beaders, Polomolok, South Cotabato.

The Blaan face masks are created using 3-ply mercerized cotton/handwoven abaca fabric intricately beaded with Blaan symbols.

Every Blaan Beaded Handwoven face mask purchase gives livelihood to the artisans, lactating mothers and weavers of Blaan indigenous community of Brgy. Am-guo, Polomolok, South Cotabato, while aiding the conservation of their craft.

Contact Herencia through this link.

Price: Php 150

On Her: Kabanbuddi Blue Face mask and an overcoat using Yakan handwoven textile designed by no less than Ambalang Ausalin(National Living Treasure and Gawad Manlilikha ng Bayan). On Him: Kabanbuddi Black Face Mask with Yakan accented black polo by Tuwas Yakan (Evelynda Otong, 4th generation Yakan weaver).

The Yakan Face Masks Collection comes from the Herencia x Lamitan City Yakan Weavers of Lamitan, Basilan.

The colorful Yakan face masks were created using Tennun handwoven fabric abound with iconic Yakan designs:

“Kabanbuddi” (Diamonds)
“Birey-birey” (Bamboo)

Every Yakan face mask costs Php150 and purchases give livelihood to the Yakan weavers of Lamitan City Basilan. It also aids with the conservation of their craft.

Contact Herencia through this link.

Prices: Php 250 – 500 (set)

Ifugao weave face masks from Ifugao Nation.

Ifugao Nation, an arts and crafts store in Kiangan, Ifugao, that supports the conservation of Ifugao Rice Terraces by assisting weavers and farmers, created these weave face masks.

The master weavers create the Ikat masks using local materials including Philippine cotton grown by small cotton farmers’ groups in Negros, Iloilo, and Cebu.

Ifugao Nation has 45 member-weavers, each with a unique style in weaving such as the Pinili, Balud, and Kinulhudan. This uniqueness results in new designs that come out weekly.

These masks are available in kiddie to large sizes with sets and bulk orders accepted.

With the purchase of these masks, one does not only have protection against the virus, support the local economy and local culture, and also support other important groups. For every sale of 50 pcs, 20pcs will be given to vulnerable sectors, seniors, indigent members, hospital patients, and frontliners.

Orders can be sent through the Ifugao Nation Facebook page in this link.

LEARN MORE about Ifugao Nation Face Masks here.


The Inaul and Dagmay face masks by WinDel Mira.

Davao-based designer Windel L. Mira is now infusing native textiles in his face mask creations such as “Inaul” of Maguindanao and “Dagmay” of Mandaya.

Mira’s face masks have pinch-wire features for a snug fit in the nose bridge area, as well as pocket lining where a user can put his or her filter.

Message Windel L. Mira for your orders here.

LEARN MORE about Mindanao textile face masks here.

Here is an infographic to guide you in the use of reusable face masks.

SEND CHEERS in the comments below to the weavers and creators of Philippine-made face masks for showcasing local heritage even amid the COVID 19 pandemic!

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