Philippine flag-inspired washable Frontliners Hazmat by Mindanao Fashion Queen Guela Ampong honors health workers

Guela Ampong Philippine flag-inspired PPE
Doc Maj wearing the washable Frontliners Hazmat designed by Cagayan de Oro-based fashion designer Queen Guela Ampong to help health workers fight COVID-19. Photo courtesy of Queen Guela Ampong and Dr. Jamillah Watamama.

Check out the Frontliners Hazmat by the Queen of Mindanaoan Fashion Guela Ampong, a nurse turned fashion designer.

The Cagayan de Oro-based Guela brand created the washable and reusable Frontliners Hazmat using Department of Health approved-tafetta cloth and dedicated to the honor of Filipino health workers fighting COVID 19.

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To uplift our modern-day heroes’ spirit and boost their morale, the personal protective equipment (PPE) was designed by the Queen herself, a former Operating Room nurse.

“As I have remembered my OR Nursing days, I came with the idea to design a specific hazmat suit that is inspired by the Doctors who wear their scrub suits in preparation for their operation. For now, as we face the threats of COVID19, I dedicate this Hazmat design to our Frontliner Doctors who are continuously operating to save lives!” said Guela, a Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan graduate.

Among’s partner in the project is frontliner Obstetrician-Gynecologist Dr. Jamilah “Doc Maj” Watamama who said that apart from the eye-catching aesthetics, the design hopes to boost the morale of healthcare workers battling the viral disease.

“Calamities whether man-made or natural has brought the best in Filipinos, who are known for the “Bayanihan” Spirit,” wrote Doc Maj in her social media post.

“This is a Philippine-inspired hazmat. It symbolizes the strength, and resilience of Filipinos. Today, we are faced by a pandemic. But this time it’s different because we don’t see our enemy.

“As a doctor, a frontliner, I am telling myself that anytime I might have the virus with me. Many of us, have succumbed to death, due to this fight. At these times, we need to unite as a nation once more. History shows that our forefathers have fought during the series of colonization. And I believe that we still have that Solidarity nature in us. Together let us fight this COVID -19,” Dr. Watamama added.

Even in these trying times, Filipino creativity is at its finest!

Guela Ampong Philippine flag-inspired PPE
Guela PPE honoring Filipino health workers. Photo from Guela.

Guela Ampong and Dr. Watamama revealed the Frontliners Hazmat in social media posts on April 6, 2020. The Queen of Mindanaoan Fashion highlighted that each color in the Philippine Flag-inspired Frontliners Hazmat symbolizes different meanings and traits of Filipinos.

“The customized hazmat design I decided to create symbolizes us, Filipinos!” wrote Guela.

* Blue- for Peace, harmony, and unity. As we are now on each other’s back, helping one another to survive.

* Red- for WAR! War against this unseen enemy – COVID19, Many of us, have succumbed to death, due to this fight.

* Yellow- for Resiliency, and hope. Hoping for this crisis to end (God Willing!)

* White- for Purity. As each Filipino has the pure heart to offer there service and compassion towards their fellowmen and country, the Philippines

“As shown in history, We, Filipinos are survivors! By both in calamities, whether man-made or natural and as well as centuries of colonization. These all cannot tremble the Filipino spirit.

“This is a crucial moment to stand as one nation and to awaken the Bayanihan Spirit of every one of us – Filipinos,” said the Filipino fashion designer.

Queen had earlier teamed up with Doc Maj to organize a donation drive called “Donate 1 PPE and Save a Frontliner” where individuals or groups may donate Php500 equivalent to one PPE material.

Another Filipino designer, Michael Leyva, had also designed protective suits, head covers, and face masks for frontliners while actress Bea Alonzo and I Am Hope Organization created improvised face shields.

The University of the Philippines Diliman College of Engineering (UP Diliman COE) is developing a prototype for a cleaning chamber that uses ultraviolet light exposure to disinfect Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) used by health workers.

Face shields for health workers fabricated by a Batangas State University (BatStateU) laboratory using 3D printing technology have been optimized through a vacuum forming method that reduced production time to just 6 minutes per item.

TELL US in the comments below what makes you proud of being Filipino in these difficult times and SEND CHEERS in the comments below to Queen Guela Ampong and Doc Maj for creating Philippine flag-inspired PPEs!

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