Philippine Women’s Team wins Bronze in Asia-Oceania flying disc championships

Binibabies ultimate
The Binibabies Ultimate snatch the flying disc for a winning Universal Point against New Zealand in their first match of the tourney and went on to again win over the NZL team for the bronze. Photo from JUMC via Philippine Ultiverse Facebook.

The Philippine Women’s Team U20 won the Bronze Medal in their debut appearance at the 2019 Asia Oceania Flying Disc Federation (AFDF) Juniors and Masters Ultimate Championships (JUMC) held in December.

The Pilipinas Ultimate U20 Women’s Team nicknamed the “Binibabies”, won a Universal Point to prevail over New Zealand, 14-13, in their first match on December 13.

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The Binibabies Ultimate gameplay for the winning point had Shek making a forward pass to Stella, who then made a huge huck to Cassie near the endzone. Cassie won the sky battle to catch the disc and then made an assist to the already waiting Top for the score.

The Philippine Women’s Team U20 again won against the New Zealand Team in their battle for the Bronze, 14-11.

The Women’s U20 was eventually won by Chinese Taipei (gold) who defeated Australia (silver) in competitions held in the Alabang Country Club from December 13-15, 2019.

The AFDF JUMC had 15 teams from 7 countries vying for 3 division championship titles.

The first-ever AFDF Juniors and Masters Ultimate Championships, a Juniors and Masters National Team Event acts as a warm-up event for countries participating in upcoming WFDF Junior and Masters Events happening in 2020.

The Binibabies Ultimate will next compete at the 2020 World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC) in Sweden this coming July 18-25, 2020.

The bronze medalist Team Binibabies at the AFDF JUMC. Photo from Binibinis Ultimate Facebook.

Philippine teams in international flying disc competitions have gained medals and recognition for their excellence, including, four Pilipinas Ultimate players who were named by Ultiworld as among the 2019 top players in the large international events of the Asia-Oceanic Region.

Earlier this year, the Pilipinas Ultimate Mixed Team successfully defended the country’s title as Asia Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Champions, winning the gold against Japan. Team Philippines also won 2 Gold medals and a Bronze at the World Flying Disc Federation 2019 Asia Oceanic Beach Ultimate Championships, also in Japan.

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