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Philippines’ version of Voltes V anime series gets nods from Japanese viewers

Voltes V Philippines' version
Voltes V Legacy cast and their counterpart anime. Photo from GMA and NegiKitsu.

The Philippines’ upcoming live-action version of Voltes V is getting the approving nods of viewers from Japan from where the animation series originated.

Ever since the GMA Network trailer was released in January on Twitter and YouTube, Voltes V Legacy has been getting positive reactions. The live-action remake of the animated series will have Filipino language audio dub.

Japanese singer-rapper and YouTuber Ryu could not stop saying the words ‘Wow’ and ‘Oh my gosh!’

“Look so realistic. This looks so good! It’s from Japan. The first animation aired in Japan in the 1970s, and I have seen them before. But like, I am amazed right now. This is so cool! I like the music too. I am really curious to see the official version of it. I really liked its graphic. It is such a good show,” Ryu said.

“It seems that the popular Voltes V is still evolving in the Philippines! It is amazing~! Watching it makes you want to sing! And above all, I am glad that everyone in the Philippines loves and loves me!” Mitsuko Horie, the singer of Voltes V theme, tweeted in Japanese.

Here are the other Japanese fan reactions on Twitter collected by RobzTV.

Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V simply known as Voltes V is a Japanese manga that aired for 40 episodes from June 4, 1977, to March 25, 1978. The English dub of the manga was aired by GMA Radio and Television Arts on May 5, 1978.

Below are the cast members who will play the characters of brothers Steve, Big Bert, and Little Jon Armstrong and their friends Jamie Robinson and Mark Gordon.

  • Miguel Tanfelix as Steve Armstrong (Kenichi Gō in the original anime), the leader of the Voltes V Team. He pilots Volt Cruiser, the head of Voltes V.
  • Radson Flores as Mark Gordon (Ippei Mine in the original anime), was an orphan and an 18-year-old rodeo champion. Gordon is the skilled pilot of Volt Bomber.
  • Matt Lozano as Robert “Big Bert” Armstrong (Daijiro Go in the original anime), the defense tactician of the group. He is a master of different hand-to-hand fighting styles and pilots Volt Panzer or the body chest of the robot.
  • Raphael Landicho as “Little Jon” Armstrong (Hiyoshi Go in the original anime), the youngest member of the team. He is a genius that pilots the Volt Frigate or the legs of Voltes V.
  • Ysabel Ortega as Jamie Robinson (Megumi Oka in the original anime), the only female member of the team who pilots the Volt Lander, the feet of Voltes V.
  • Martin del Rosario and Liezel Lopez will play the villain characters Prince Zardoz (Prince Heinel in the original anime) and Zandra (Ri Katherine in the original anime).

Voltes V Legacy is directed by Mark A. Reyes and written by Suzette Doctolero.

The return of Voltes V to Philippine television was first announced in January 2020.

Netflix started streaming ‘Barangay 143’, the first-ever Filipino anime series in 2020.

WATCH the trailer here and SEND CHEERS in the comments below to the team behind the Philippines’ version of Voltes V!

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