PhilJobNet offers over 10,000 jobs for Filipinos

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The Department of Labor and Employment’s online portal, PhilJobNet, is offering over 10,000 jobs for Filipinos.


Jobseekers can access the internet based job seeking and matching site PhilJobNet to find local job vacancies.

Job vacancies for call center agents topped the offerings at 1,876 according to Labor officials.

In a published report on the Inquirer the posted jobs are ranked according to demand:

  • customer service assistant (778)
  • staff nurse (679)
  • non-formal education teacher (648)
  • promo salesperson (635)
  • production machine operator (594)
  • sales clerk (561)
  • sales associate professional (522)
  • manufacturing laborer (495)
  • waiter (431)
  • door-to- door salesperson (375)
  • automotive mechanic (297)
  • telecommunication specialist (297)
  • technical support staff (287)
  • cashier (285)
  • salesman (275)
  • service crew (264)
  • retail trade salesman (255)
  • financial/accounts apecialist (251)
  • sugar production machine operator (240)

A jobseeker who is at least 15 years old may register as a job applicant in the PhilJobNet (

PhiljJobNet jobseekers need to be at least 15 years old to be a job applicant on the portal.

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