Pinoy cartoon icon Tarci created by Davao animators to represent Philippines

Pinoy Cartoon Tarci
The adorable Tarci is made for Filipinos by Filipinos. Photos from Tarci IG.

Local animators from Davao have created a proudly Pinoy cartoon icon named Tarci to represent the Philippines in the entertainment industry.

The animated tarsier character is the star of an upcoming 12-episode Filipino cartoon series that follows Tarci and his friends’ fun adventures while also teaching good manners and values to children.

Tarci is a project initiated by the animation team of FSquared Technologies Inc. The Davao-based group is driven by the advocacy to produce projects that are made to help and contribute something to the community.

“One of our company’s (FSquared Technologies Inc.) mission (is) to promote local talents – creative Filipinos, who are now struggling to survive in the current industry. Advocating original contents made by Filipinos for Filipinos,” according to Tarci Go’s website.

Micah Pil, animator and operations manager for FSquared Technologies, hopes that the unique Filipino icon will one day be globally recognized like Japan’s Pikachu and Disney’s Mickey Mouse.

Aside from the planned animated series, the local animation team has already launched a free game application called “Tarci Go!” this November, one Tarci plush toy, a LINE WEBTOON cartoon, as well as original music covers of Filipino nursery rhymes featuring the character, among others.

You can follow Filipino cartoon icon Tarci and his friends’ adventures at

Filipino animators like the award-winning Ronnie del Carmen of Pixar’s hit movie “Inside Out” and Disney-Pixar’s Bobby Rubio of “Float” are making waves internationally for their inspiring original creations.

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