President Manuel L. Quezon, Andres Bonifacio new Piso Coins circulated by 2020

New 20-Piso Coin
The new 20-Piso coin is bi-hued and bears a Baybayin script. Screengrab BSP Video.

The Philippines’ New Generation Coin Series is getting two new additions with the upcoming release in 2020 of the new 20-Piso Coin bearing the image of President Manuel L. Quezon and the enhanced 5-Piso Coin with the likeness of Revolutionary Hero Andres Bonifacio.

The Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) launched on Monday the new 20-Piso Coin that will replace the 20-Piso banknote and the redesigned 5-Piso coin.

20-Piso Coin

The BSP unveiled on December 17 the new 30-millimeter in diameter 20-Piso Coin with bronze and silver hues that is set to replace the most used and circulated denomination of the iconic orange-colored 20-Peso Bill.

The Php 20 coin still features Manuel L. Quezon on the obverse side of the coin. Quezon is the first president of the Philippine Commonwealth who advocated the adoption of the national language, created the National Economic Council, and worked ardently for Philippine independence. Quezon is also celebrated as the Philippine President who provided sanctuary to Israeli Jews during the Holocaust.

The mint mark of the “P” written in the ancient Filipino writing script of Baybayin is also on the 20-Piso coin.

The reverse side reveals the BSP logo, an image of Malacanang Palace of the Philippines’ President, and the Philippine mangrove plant called “Nilad” that was abundant in the Manila Bay, Pasig River, and its surrounding esteros during the precolonial era, and where the name of Maynila is believed to have originated.

The Php 20 bill will coexist with the Php 20 coin as a legal-tender until the paper bill disappears from circulation through natural attrition.

BSP says the decision to replace the Php 20 paper bills was based mainly on economic reasons. Though it costs Php 10 to make a Php 20 coin, they are estimated to last ten years or more compared to the Php 20 paper bill which only costs 2 pesos to produce but only lasts for 6 months.

According to BSP Gov. Benjamin Diokno, the new coin is “more cost-effective” because it will have a longer circulation life.


The new 5-Piso Coin has nine sides to make it more distinct from other denominations in the NGC Coin Series. Screengrab from BSP video.

The BSP also revealed that it is set to release an “enhanced” redesign version of the 5-Piso Coin with nine sides to make it more distinct from other denominations in the NGC Coin Series.

The 5-Piso Coin’s obverse side reflects the image of Andres Bonifacio, the father of the revolutionary Katipunan, with the text “Father of the Revolution” and the reverse side featuring the Tayabak plant.

The nonagon-shaped 5-Piso Coin also retains the security features of the round coin, including the microprint of “Republika ng Pilipinas” and “Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.”

WATCH the introduction video here and TELL US in the comments below what you think of the new Piso Coins of the Philippines?


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