Puerto Galera’s unique marine life explored by French and Swiss underwater investigation teams

Puerto Galera's marine life
Dive teams follow clues and solve a mystery amidst the rich marine life of Puerto Galera waters. Credits to Jerome Kim via DOT.

The diverse marine life of Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro was explored by French and Swiss dive teams during the 2019 Objectif Atlantide Underwater Investigation.

The French association Objectif Atlantide and the Department of Tourism (DoT) – Dive Philippines organized the contest between 10 pairs of champion free divers and scuba divers to solve a mystery amidst the waters of Puerto Galera.

The popular diving spot in the Philippines hosted the competition that had participants follow clues and take photos of species found in Puerto Galera waters.

“This experience teaches them that not only are there a lot of different species here, but also which kind they are,” said Objectif Atlantide founder Daniel Meouchy in the DOT report about the event.

Puerto Galera’s rich biological treasures, stunning seascapes, and scores of marine species at the skirts of the Verde Island Passage were deemed by the organizers as the perfect environment for the international diving contest.

Puerto Galera's marine life
Free divers and scuba dive teams took photographs of the underwater species found in the waters of the Philippines. Credits to Jerome Kim via DoT.

The DoT project promotes sustainability in dive tourism as it raises awareness for reef protection and conservation. “Puerto Galera is a feast for the most adventurous spirit; with this event, we hope the French diving community has discovered the wonders of the Philippines’ waters. We will take this great opportunity to showcase the unparalleled beauty of our reefs and call to protect the vibrant biodiversity of our waters to the international community,” said DOT Tourism Development Undersecretary Benito C. Bengzon, Jr.

The winners of the 2019 Objectif Atlantide Underwater Investigation were Team Scubaland’s Pauline Thomas and Aurelie Pineau. The pair successfully defended their title won in the first edition held in Cabilao, Bohol in 2018.

“Diving in the Philippines is very interesting because there are many species here. Every time we go into the water and come back to check our pictures, we learn a lot. It’s our second time to win the underwater investigation, so we’ll absolutely do it again! We need to keep our title,” shared Thomas.

Second place went to Karine Cheurfa and Sophie Comminges of Team Esprit de la Plongée from Switzerland. Finishing in third spot was the pair of Hervé Pages and Martine Bonnevay–Aillaud of Team Têtes Bullées.

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