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Team Philippines win 136 golds in America’s World Championships of Performing Arts

World Championships Performing Arts
The Philippines’ medal haul at the 2019 WCOPA is the largest number of medals won by the country since it joined the annual competitions. Credits to WCOPA Team Philippines.

Team Philippines brought home a total of 136 gold medals from the 2019 World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) held in California.

Team Philippines picked up a total of 390 medals in the 23rd WCOPA, the largest number of medals won by the country since it joined the annual competitions in 2005.

The 2019 team performance surpassed the country’s haul of 286 awards garnered in last year’s edition of the tilt that is touted the Olympics of performing arts.

The 106-strong Philippine delegation, with the leadership of National Director Gerry Mercado, vied for medals in singing, dancing, and modeling in competitions held from July 12 to July 21 at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center.

The country’s delegation was awarded the WCOPA Diamond Award as the largest delegation this year .

The biggest win was for Coalixon, a 3-member male dance group from Sultan Kudarat, who bagged the title of 2019 Senior Grand Champion Dance Group of the World.

The Philippines had 8 Grand Finalists including Coalixon, vocalists: John Raigie Bautista Borja, Princess Julianne Gomez, John Javis Paat, models: Jasmine Heart Genetiano Domingo, Karl Jade Ventura, April Abegail Bagnes Chiu, Ray Froilan Camacho.

The 2019 WCOPA awards for Team Philippines are:

  • 136 Gold medals
  • 86 Silver medals
  • 76 Bronze medals
  • 36 Semi-Finalist medals
  • 49 Division Winner Plaques

Team Philippines’ National Director Gerry Mercado had 2 awards:
* Diamond Award
* Superior National Director

There were 3 scholarship recipients from the New York Film Academy.

There were 2 recipients of the Jeff Webber recording contract award.

Team Philippines also won 2nd place for Best National Costumes in the WCOPA Parade of Nations.

SEND congratulations in the comments below for Team Philippines, showcasing Filipino creative talents at the 2019 WCOPA in California!

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