Returning OFWs boost businesses through DOST’s Enterprise Tech program

DOST Enterprise Tech program
These 3 remarkable OFWs showed persistence and dedication in the field of business with the help of DOST-SETUP. Screengrab from DOSTv report.

Returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) boosted their businesses with the help of the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program or SETUP.

The DOST-SETUP is a nationwide strategy that addresses technical problems and improves productivity and efficiency of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

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The science and technology institution highlighted the journey of three remarkable Filipinos who struggled abroad and have decided to venture into business as reported on the DOSTv Facebook page earlier today, September 11, 2020.

The three former OFWs/technopreneurs who shared their journey are Benjie Inocencio, a furniture company owner, and food company owners Elizabeth Noval and Roldan Peig.

Benjie Inocencio
Production Manager/Owner- Journey Woodblock Enterprises

Benjie was an OFW in Kuwait for 3 years before he decided to start his own wood furniture business. With the help of DOST-SETUP, he was able to acquire an automated control machining tool or CNC machine.

Inocencio’s business grew through the machine assistance and was able to generate livelihood for the unskilled carpenters in their area.

The furniture owner expressed his gratefulness to DOST and encouraged others to seek assistance as well.

“DOST created a way for us to pay them back. I thank them and encourage others to get assistance from DOST. Magdo-double, triple ang productivity ninyo.”

Elizabeth B. Noval
Owner- Dackies Foods

Elizabeth was an OFW in New Zealand who later bought a farm and planted bananas in her hometown which made her decide to venture into Banana chips production and “chicharon” business.

Noval’s products were unappealing to customers due to its packaging but were enhanced through the assistance of DOST, which made her food business a success.

The former OFW from New Zealand said that there are still larger opportunities waiting here in the Philippines.

For 9 years in the business, Elizabeth was able to acquire a sealing machine, stainless table, and walk-in freezer, all from the assistance of DOST-SETUP.

Roldan Peig
Owner/Proprietor – Diane and Roldan Food Products

Roldan was a former Seaman who worked on oil and machinery. According to him, he realized the difficulties of working under such an environment which made him decide to study culinary, went home, and began their own food business.

Peig narrated that he and his wife started up a small eatery or “karinderya” then shift to the meat processing business which they produce siomai, hamonado, longganisa, and roll ham.

Roldan was able to acquire an upgrading machine from the DOST including siomai machine and steamer.

“DOST plays a great part in our business,” said Roldan.

Listed below are the qualifications to apply for the DOST-SETUP:

  • Any company or individual firm based in the Philippines and wholly owned by Filipino citizens
  • Any micro, small and medium scale business firm that can be classified under the identified priority sector
  • Any company or individual firm willing to apply technological innovations to their existing products, services and/or operations
  • Any LGU willing to apply technological innovations to the existing operations in their locality

DOST has also developed food technologies introduced to MIMAROPA MSMEs and donated milk and SETUP products for pregnant women.

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