Rico Hizon: Leading the Way in Asian Broadcast Journalism with Asian TV Awards Win

Rico Hizon Asian Broadcast Journalism
Filipino broadcast journalist Rico Hizon proudly holds his newest Asian Television Awards trophy. Photo courtesy of Rico Hizon.

Celebrated Filipino broadcast journalist Rico Hizon has once again proven that hard work and passion are rewarded after clinching the Best News Presenter or Anchor award at the 28th Asian Television Awards (ATA), held on January 2024, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This remarkable achievement underscores Hizon’s dominant presence in Asian journalism and marks his latest triumph in a series of prestigious accolades.

With this victory, Hizon, a leading figure in global news broadcasting and the face of CNN Philippines/ Nine Media Corporation’s “The Final Word”, reinforces his status not only in the Philippines but across Asia. This award, his second as a presenter from the ATA, celebrates his dedication and skill in delivering news with integrity and depth.

In an exclusive interview with Good News Pilipinas, Rico Hizon shared his insights on the role of journalists today. “There are so many great broadcast journalists in Asia, and these are challenging times for all of us, as we continue to face many issues from geo-political conflicts, economic and social stories,” Hizon stated, reflecting on the current global landscape.

Hizon also emphasized the critical challenges and duties of journalism. “As a broadcast journalist, our responsibility is to give the public an accurate, truthful, unbiased account of the news. Being objective and truth-based is our duty. Day in and day out, we have to fight the rumors and the misinformation. We have to keep spreading the facts, to empower people with information they need and trust,” he remarked, highlighting the importance of factual reporting in today’s media environment.

He further underscored the profound responsibility of journalists towards the public. “As a journalist, our responsibility is not only to our professions and to the organizations we represent, but most importantly to our audiences and to the general public. In these trying times of our lives, we must be responsible to know the truth, speak the truth, and deliver the truth.”

In his acceptance speech, Hizon expressed gratitude towards his team at CNN Philippines, attributing his remarkable three-peat win to their collective effort.

WATCH Rico Hizon’s ATA acceptance speech here:

Hizon’s latest ATA win marks his third consecutive year of receiving this honor, a period that aligns with his return to the Philippines after over 25 years at international networks like BBC World News and CNBC Asia. His homecoming has been marked by significant achievements, including “The Final Word” winning the Best News Programme award in 2022 and Hizon’s double victory at the 2021 ATA – a first for a Filipino anchor. Hizon also holds the distinction of being the first Filipino anchor of a worldwide news program to win the ATA, a feat he achieved when he was with BBC World News.

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Hizon faced stiff competition for the Best News Presenter or Anchor award at this year’s ATA, outperforming seasoned journalists from across Asia, including Filipinos Joee Guilas and Charms Espina, and other international contenders.

His recent accolades also include the Best Factual Presenter award at the Asian Academy Creative Awards (AACA) last December, further cementing his status as a luminary in Asian broadcast journalism.

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