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RJ Garcia’s Appledrive initiative teaches health and hygiene to Filipino children

PHOTO CREDIT: Appledrive Project

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – this familiar saying has been embraced by Romeo Jr. Albarillo Garcia a.k.a. Appleboy RJ in his advocacy, “The Appledrive Project.”

RJ Garcia, more popularly known as manager to YouTube celebrity Mikey Bustos, is actually a social media influencer in his own right. And he uses this influence to campaign to educate indigent kids in both rural and urban areas in the Philippines to advocate a healthier lifestyle by eating apples, instead of candies or chocolates.

RJ started his children’s health advocacy during Christmas 2011 and since then he has had 20 Appledrive events while going around the Philippines to feed and teach the kids. More recently on March 8, RJ chose to celebrate his birthday at the Palatiw Elementary School in Pasig City.

Mikey Bustos’ Mabuhay Squad and Ants Canada supported the recent Appledrive, as it has done before with the Inspiring Celebrity YouTuber even vlogging about a Cavite leg.

In an Instagram video by Shutter Days posted after his birthday, Appleboy RJ shared how his mission started from a mere hobby that opened his eyes to the reality of indigent children needing to be coached in hygiene practice and healthy lifestyle.

Visiting Aurora province with his friends to give apples as gifts RJ reveals, “Sobrang na-touch ako kasi yung mga kids doon nakikita lang nila yung mansanas sa itaas ng blackboard, kung saan may letter A at yung apple. Madalas dino drawing nila yun. Pero ang katotohanan hindi pa pala sila nakakatikim ng apple (I was so touched because the kids have only seen the apple beside the letter A on top of the blackboard. They usually draw it. But the reality is they have never tasted an apple)”. “I could never forget the joy in those kids’ eyes the first time they have tasted their very first apple. And the rest, as they say, is history.”

The Appledrive Project aims to teach parents to prepare nutritious food for their children, says Appleboy RJ. They also teach the kids to eat more nutritious food like apples instead of sweets like candies.

RJ says he wants to go to the most remote areas of the country with his Appledrive Project and that he just needs tools to connect richer nations with these needy children.

RJ encourages everyone to do their share in helping others saying, people don’t need to be rich to help and that people only need to think like him – upon waking up thinking of how to help the kids.

Appleboy RJ invites everyone to join him on his mission. “I have since been on a journey to different Appledrive quests all over the Philippines, and from time to time, overseas, to spread the apple love to street kids. Come and join me in my next appledrive adventures!”

Let Appleboy RJ know you support his mission to teach and feed Filipino children in the comments below.

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