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Why Mikey Bustos Inspires Us

Why is Mikey Bustos an inspiring YouTuber to watch? This 9-year-old writer will tell you why.

Mikey was featured on Good News Pilipinas as one of the 5 Inspiring YouTubers You Should Subscribe To for a Positively Driven Year for “combining music and comedy to send out good vibes to the world about the Filipino and the Philippines.”

But did you know Mikey Bustos is helping the #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines Campaign? The Philippines is gaining more visitors because of this campaign and for sure Mikey’s nearly 4 million combined YouTube Channels subscribers would participate in this.

Mikey Bustos, born and raised in Toronto, Canada but now living in the Philippines is good because all his subscribers around the world want to go to Philippines to meet him!

These visitors would see the Philippines is a beautiful place, with so many islands to explore, and the only place with Jeepneys!

Did you know Mikey Bustos has a channel named AntsCanada? It has 2.7M subscribers! Combine that to his subscribers from his other channels – for some reason his original channel Mikey Bustos has only close to a million subscribers, and the new Mikey Bustos Vlogs nearly 150k subscribers!

Anyway, AntsCanada usually posts weekly. And about that, AntsCanada talks about ants, entertains people and also helps people who have ants and have no idea what to do with them!

Now, back with the whole Mikey Bustos thing. Mikey Bustos posts many vlogs, The most recent one is being in Coron Palawan, Philippines. He was in the Underwater Garden Resort with his dad, mom and brother, and manager RJ. Mikey Bustos said he is happy that this Resort is planting Coral Gardens.

Why is it good to have a Coral Garden? It helps the ocean to be a more beautiful place, inspires people to be divers, and showcases a whole new world of different sea creatures. With corals in the oceans, there are more homes for fish!

Having a healthy coral reef can result in saving oceans, letting orcas, dolphins, dishes, sharks and whales jump out of the ocean for a few seconds and make people go “Whoaaaah!”‘

People can make more stories about the mysteries, questions and answers, and videos about our coral reef! That way these can be more famous!

Shout out to Mikey Bustos for having great YouTube channels!

You too can shout out to Mike Bustos in the comment section below after you watch his video. You can also find Mike Bustos here:

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/mikeybustos
Instagram http://www.instagram.com/mikey_bustos
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/mikeybustos

(Hello, I’m Agnes Hannah. I started writing on my second day (my birthday is January 9) as a 9-year-old. I’m maybe one of the youngest writers in the world? Our family is great. And keep in mind that you should stay healthy. Bye! ^o^)

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