Sesame Street’s Heartwarming Tribute to Filipino-American History Month: Cookie Monster Learns Tagalog and More!

Sesame Street Tribute to Filipino-American History
Cookie Monster, TJ, and Eugene Cordero capture the spirit of Filipino-American History Month in a heartwarming video moment. ‘Ayos!’ indeed. Sesame Street video screencap.

As October paints its canvas with the fiery hues of autumn, Sesame Street kicks off Filipino-American History Month (FAHM) with a video so heartfelt, that it’s impossible to scroll past. This isn’t just any video; it’s a tapestry of vibrant Filipino culture interwoven with iconic characters we’ve all grown to love.

“Imagine Cookie Monster conversing in Tagalog!” Yes, you read that right. The culinary connoisseur of cookies, Cookie Monster, teamed up with Sesame Street’s first-ever Filipino muppet, TJ, and Star Trek: Lower Decks actor Eugene Cordero for a 45-second snippet that was as charming as it was meaningful.

The video kicks off with Eugene Cordero—an actor you might recognize as Loki’s cohort—uttering the Tagalog word, “Ayos”. TJ, the effervescent Filipino muppet who made his debut during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May 2023, beams as he translates it to, “Okay”.

But wait, there’s a show-stopping finale! Cookie Monster, in all his fluffy, blue glory, reveals that even he knows his all-time favorite cookie is termed “Biskwit” in Filipino. That’s right, folks; Cookie Monster is multilingual!

Eugene Cordero captures the essence of the moment, stating, “I’m here with TJ and Cookie Monster to celebrate the amazing and rich history of the Filipino-American community.” His voice resonates with sincerity, acting as a powerful beacon of Filipino-American pride.

TJ chimes in with youthful vigor, exclaiming, “Yeah, let’s celebrate our culture today and every day!”

This poignant tribute comes just in time for FAHM, a month when Filipinos celebrate over four centuries of history in the United States. It all traces back to October 18, 1587, when the “Luzones Indios” set foot in what is now Morro Bay, California, aboard the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Esperanza. It wasn’t until 2009 that the U.S. Congress officially acknowledged the resilience, contributions, and legacy of the Filipino community, making the celebration as official as it is heartfelt.

Whether you’re Filipino-American or simply a fan of enriching cultural tapestries, this Sesame Street video is a kaleidoscopic celebration you don’t want to miss. WATCH it here:

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