Snack food brand Oishi seeks South African market

Philippine snack brand Oishi is reportedly eyeing the South African market as it seeks to expand its business outside the region for the first time.

Oishi products

The new expansion was revealed by Oishi company Liwayway Group head of operations in China, Larry Chan.

Chan, son of the company’s founder Carlos Chan, told the Philippine Star, “My father is looking into Africa” for its huge market but did not reveal the details of the plan.

Reports also say that Oishi officials are contemplating setting up factories soon in Africa.

The Liwayway Group also has plants in the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and India.

In the Philippines, it has operations in Cavite, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Tarlac and Bohol.

Chan said the company would continue to strengthen operations and offer better products to the market.

“We’re a very production focused company. It’s part of our interest and our passion to create products that are nutritious and substantial. We were among the first proponents of putting nutrition facts and ingredients declaration. We’re also promoting labelling,” Chan added.

Oishi has snack-making plants in Shanghai and 14 other locations around China such as in Harbin near Mongolia and Xinjiang near Kazakhstan.

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