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Sustainability group GreenEarth holds Facebook sales to support farmers

GreenEarth Heritage Foundation
GreenEarth Heritage Foundation seeks out partners and direct retailers like REAL FOOD to ensure fair compensation for their farmers. GreenEarth Photo.

Environmental sustainability group GreenEarth Heritage Foundation is holding promotional sales on Facebook to sustain its advocacy on ethical farming, reforestation, and education while supporting its farmer families.

The group’s retail page on Facebook, A GreenEarth with Moringa, is marketing its popular moringa (malunggay) products, namely powder and tea. In the past month, they have been holding a 20% off promo to sell their surplus stock while raising awareness for the organization.

GreenEarth prides itself by empowering its farmers through ethical business practices and fair compensation. The group looks for direct buyers and supplies retailers like Kultura and REAL FOOD. These brick-and-mortar stores have greatly supported the organization and its Filipino farmer families, but the COVID-19 pandemic had brought challenges.

Founder and Executive Direction Mylene V. Matti, M.D., shares that for the first time since its founding, the organization had to close its processing facility last August 2020 due to the lack of sales. By the end of the year, independent buyers helped slowly deplete their stock.

By June 2021, the amount of unsold stock had risen again. The group is looking towards social media to help sell the stock to support the organization and continue to provide for the welfare of its farmers.

GreenEarth Heritage Foundation
When they were founded, GreenEarth first sponsored two farming families. As of 2019, the community has grown to 14 families. Photos from GreenEarth.

Founded in 2009, GreenEarth focuses on sustainability in terms of environment, livelihood, and community development. Based in a 100-hectare plot of land in the foothills of the Sierra Madre, they have managed to replant more than 8,000 trees and sponsor 14 farming families, some of whom are reformed illegal loggers.

They also sponsor farmers’ children’s education and have built a learning center that teaches computer literacy and English. One of their inspiring students is Romnick Blanco, a Harvard University scholar.

To support GreenEarth and its cause, consider buying their products and contacting them through the Facebook page A GreenEarth with Moringa.

Supporting local farmers and agriculturists is important in these times of crisis. Pineapple farmers are being helped by the Department of Trade and Industry in delivering their produce to markets.

Another organic foods company that aims to assist reforestation projects in the country is Sekaya. In the Cordilleras, they have donated 5,190 tree seedlings in the name of nature conservation.

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