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H.E.R. plays 1st Black-Filipina Belle of Beauty and the Beast in anniversary show

Filipino-American artist H.E.R. has been cast as Belle of Beauty and the Beast, making her the first Black and Filipina artist to portray the iconic Disney princess on screen.

Filipino-American actors join Jo Koy nurse sitcom “Josep”

Filipino-American actors Kimee Balmilero, Tess Paras, Jason Rogel, and Kaden Alejandro have joined the cast of "Josep," a new sitcom starring Hollywood comedian Jo Koy as a nurse.

FilAm actress Aina Dumlao plays Filipino nurse in Grey’s Anatomy season finale

Filipino-American actress Aina Dumlao plays a Filipino nurse in the upcoming season finale of the long-running medical drama, "Grey's Anatomy."

Sowing the seeds of a better future

You reap what you sow, thus it is only fitting that a seed company, Allied Botanical Corporation (ABC), would ascribe to this truism through its decades-long operation. With millions of seed packets sold to farmers...
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