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Woman with down syndrome proves that everything is possible, achieves her dream, and becomes...

MEET Brina Kei Maxino, a 22-year-old inspiring Filipina with down syndrome who has overcome her condition's challenges and is now a teacher. Maxino was diagnosed with Down Syndrome when she was 9 days old, and...

Little Picasso Worth Lodriga dedicates achievement to his mother Wendy

Behind every man's success is a woman – and in this case, a mother for the country's Little Picasso Worth Lodriga who has been juggling his time being a Lasallian student, creating his art...
Chinkee Tan

Success When Will You Be Mine?

We all want to become successful, but not everyone actually achieves it. For some, it remains to be a mere wish. The question is, how do we become successful?
Filipina skaters

Filipina skaters rule Asian Jr Figure Skating Challenge

Filipina skater Charmaine Skye Chua and 5 other young skaters dominated the 2015 Asian Junior Figure Skating Challenge (AJFSC) held in Hongkong.
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