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Positivity is the key

18 Tips to Create a Positive Mindset

If there is one thing I am grateful for, it’s my ability to see the beauty that life can offer instead of being disheartened by the obstacles that come my way.

Are You Ready To Take The Next Business Challenge?

Each one of us goes through highs and lows in life. In this imperfect world, we strive to become the best person that we can be.
Entrepreneurial mindset

12 Similarities Between an Entrepreneur and a Parent

How does one get into the entrepreneurial mindset? Typically, an entrepreneur would create a plan to guide him.

4 Core Elements in Company Brand Identity

A lot of businesses are so focused on their products and services that they sometimes forget about the company’s brand image.
Marketing Strategies

10 Marketing Strategies Every Startup Should Know

Startups can benefit from marketing strategies called “growth hacks.” Sean Ellis coined the term back in 2010. It refers to non-traditional marketing techniques designed to rapidly grow your business.

5 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged While Learning

You can’t build a business by yourself. You need other people—employees and staff—who can help you with the day-to- day tasks.
Biz Culture

How Cultural Differences Affect Doing Business

Technological advancements have brought people closer. It is now possible to reach people across the globe with just a few clicks.
Armando Bartolome

Unplugging From the Traditional Business Meeting

Boardroom meetings may sometimes feel constraining. Some may be unable to fully express their thoughts during such meetings
Armando Bartolome

Valuable lessons in starting a business

I was an employee for several years before I became an entrepreneur, until I realized that with my communication skills
Water For All

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