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World e-Karate Filipino champion James De Los Santos graduates after 14 years

World Karate Filipino champion Orencio James De Los Santos has finally graduated from De La Salle University (DLSU) in Manila after 14 years as an athlete representing the Philippines.

Filipino karatekas harvest 3 golds in International Inner Strength Tournament

Filipino karatekas James De Los Santos and Fatima A-Isha Hamsain reaped gold medals in their respective categories during the first Inner Strength Martial Arts International eTournament.

Filipino World No. 1 eKata James De Los Santos starts year with World Series...

Filipino World No. 1 eKata player James De Los Santos is starting the year strong with a gold medal finish from the 2021 SportData eTournament World Series #1.

Filipino karateka James De Los Santos closer to World Top 1 rank after 12th...

Filipino karate champion James De Los Santos is closing in on the World Top 1 ranking as he continues to dominate his online matches, winning two more gold medals one after another.
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