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Rescued Philippine Eagle named ‘Bangsa Bae’ to honor Bangsamoro women

A newly rescued Philippine eagle was named "Bangsa Bae" to honor the Bangsamoro women who fought for their people's cause.

There is a new baby Philippine eagle hatched at Davao’s conservation center

There is a new baby Philippine eagle hatched for the first time in 5 years at the conservation center in Davao City.

Young fashion designer Joshua Asuncion creates endangered species-inspired gowns

Young Filipino fashion designer Joshua Asuncion has created gowns inspired by some of the Philipines' endangered species such as Tarsier, Dugong, and Philippine Eagle - much to the delight of netizens who saw the...

Philippines is Migratory-Species Champion for Protecting ‘Butanding’

The Philippines is one of the five champions in the world for its contribution to conserve and protect migratory species, particularly the whale shark, locally known as “butanding.” The country was one of the awardees...
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