Rescued Philippine Eagle named ‘Bangsa Bae’ to honor Bangsamoro women

Rescued Philippine Eagle named 'Bangsa Bae'
The Philippines’ Bangsa Bae. Photo from BARMM-MENRE, Bangsamoro Information Office.

A newly rescued Philippine eagle was named “Bangsa Bae” to honor the Bangsamoro women who fought for their people’s cause.

The critically endangered species was initially found by a concerned citizen in Marogong, Lanao del Sur on February 9, 2022, before it was turned over on February 12 to the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) in Davao City for proper care.

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Concerned citizen Hadji Solaiman Olama immediately reported his discovery of an injured eagle to environmental officials in the area for its protection and safety,

“It was the first time that we found and rescued an injured Philippine Eagle which signifies the Bangsamoro region’s vast environment and natural resources,” Environment officer Benjamin Alangca told the Bangsamoro Information Office in its report released on February 21.

Alangca also shared in the interview that the female Philippine Eagle was given the name “Bangsa Bae” to honor the “Bangsamoro women for their momentous efforts and sacrifice as a wife, mother, and sister of the Mujahideen (freedom fighters) who fought for the victory of Bangsamoro region”.

The newly rescued eagle has a wingspan of 51 centimeters and a weight of 5 kilograms based on initial reports. Bangsa Bae has also undergone an immediate surgical operation on its injured right wing due to a bacterial infection.

The eagle is now under PEF’s care for additional medical procedures.

Another rescued Philippine eagle was released back to the wilderness on Earth Day 2021.

Philippine Eagle Makilala Hiraya was earlier safely returned to her home forest in July 2020 while a pair of Philippine Eagles were secured in Singapore’s conservation bird park in 2019.

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