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Dancer Eric Solano showcases Philippines’ folk dances in Bulgaria festivals

Filipino folk dancer Eric Solano of Parangal Dance Company is set to showcase the Philippines in three folklore festivals in Bulgaria.
Parangal Dance Company

Parangal Dance Company showcases Maranao dances in Romania

Parangal Dance Company showcased Maranao dances when it once again represented the Philippines at the web edition of the Dorin Oancea 2020 International Folk Dance Festival in Romania.
Parangal Dance Company will have their Asian debut in Japan this August. Credits to Parangal Dance Company.

Parangal Dance Company showcases Philippines in Japan World Music and Dance Festival

California-based Parangal Dance Company will have their Asian debut as the Philippines' representative at the World Music and Dance Festival (WMDF) in Hakodate, Japan. The Filipino folk dance group which has been showcasing Filipino culture...
Little Manila Dance Collective

Filipino teacher keeps folk dance alive in Stockton

A folk dance teacher-choreographer has decided that one of the best ways to celebrate his birthday is to do something incredible for the community
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