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From Filipino Immigrant to Immigrant Rights Defender: How Gheneva Brought Filipino Values to Canada

A young Filipina had already bought her Accountancy books for the following school year when her mother notified her that she will be migrating to Canada to become a permanent resident. With her luggage ready, she could not shake off the fear of leaving behind a life she built in the Philippines. New country, new university, new college program, and a new adventure - this is Gheneva Aleta’s story from being an immigrant to now working with and for immigrants in Canada.

Filipina fish plant worker now award-winning sari-sari store owner in Canada

Filipina entrepreneur Ruby Lubigan, a former fish plant worker, is now the owner of an award-winning grocery store that brings a taste of the Philippines to Prince Edward Island in Canada.

Filipino immigrant Carla Montemayor wins London Writers Award

Filipino immigrant Carla Montemayor has won a London Writers Award (LWA) given by Spread the Word, a writer development agency championing the underrepresented and marginalized voices in the United Kingdom publishing industry.

WATCH: Hollywood’s Yellow Rose trailer speaks of Filipino immigrant spirit

Watching the new Yellow Rose trailer to promote the film's theatrical release gives us chills and tears - while pumping up Filipino pride at seeing three of our best actresses onscreen together, we also see and hear the immigrant spirit that carries our family member, friend, or colleague who has left the Philippines to pursue the "American Dream".
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