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Chinky Tan

What Will You Do If Your Spouse Is Against Your Business Idea?

Is there a business that you want to start and go into? Are you sold out with this business idea of yours? Are you convinced that this business will click and will earn huge profits?
Chinky Tan

Why Do People Who Get Rich Quick Go Broke Quick?

Do you know of someone who became an instant millionaire, but it wasn’t long before his or her money disappeared, and this person just went back to square one - to being broke and poor again?
Chinky Tan

How To Become A Wealthy Person

Do you want to become wealthy but you don’t know where to start? Are you getting frustrated because it’s taking such a long time before you are able to achieve the wealthy lifestyle that you’ve been dreaming of?
Chinky Tan

What Is The Best Investment Today?

Before anything else, what is an investment? Investments are things that you buy now, but give you long-term future profit. For example, a house may be considered as an investment if you will have it rented out.
Chinky Tan

Five Signs That You Are Headed for Financial Disaster

Are you aiming for financial freedom? Then you need to take note of these signs that serve as a warning that there are things in your life that are hindering you from achieving your goal.
Chinky Tan

Why Do Filipinos Lack The Discipline To Handle Money?

Do you have friends who are like this… They are not earning enough, and yet they keep spending their money on vices and unnecessary and luxurious things.
Chinkee Tan

Why Are There People Who Are Tiring To Be With?

Have you ever experienced talking to someone who didn’t do anything else but rant? The longer the conversation gets, the more you feel so tired of listening to him or her?
Chinkee Tan

What Makes Living in Poverty Difficult?

Have you ever experienced any of these? You find yourself not eating on time, or at all, because you don't have enough money to buy food.
Chinkee Tan

Endure, Persevere, And Wait Patiently

One of the common tests that all of us experience in life is the test of patience. There are many instances in life wherein we are called to be patient:
Chinky Tan

How To Get Out Of Depression

How are you today? Are you happy? Or are you going through some trials and challenges that are causing you to be sad and disheartened?
Chinkee Tan

Let’s Not Be Selfish

Do you know anyone who is like this… Always wanting more for his or her own self… Doesn’t want to give… Doesn’t want to be patient and sacrifice…
Chinkee Tan

Becoming Wealthy Starts With a Healthy Money Mindset

Maybe you’ve asked yourself why there are some people who are struggling in this life with money. They live paycheck-to- paycheck, or as we say it in Filipino, isang kahig, isang tuka.

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