Why Are There People Who Are Tiring To Be With?

Chinkee Tan
Chinkee Tan

Have you ever experienced talking to someone who didn’t do anything else but rant?

The longer the conversation gets, the more you feel so tired of listening to him or her?

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Everything that this person says is grumblings and criticisms and rantings.

It may be very tiring to talk to them, but at the same time, you can’t help but feel sorry for them.

Imagine, every single person who talks to them gets so exhausted because of all their negativity.

As a result, no one wants to end up talking to them.

These people have favorite lines:

“Nobody loves me.”

“No one understands me.”

Well, the truth is, there are many people who do love these people, but it’s just really so tiring to help them, and people aren’t willing to do so anymore.

It’s not only these people who are in need of affection and attention. There are other things and even other people who need our help too. And this is why it’s so hard to really be there for these people and help them. And this is why these people end up feeling neglected, and end up just going on an “emo” trip.

But if you do know people who are like this, I highly suggest that you make a bigger effort to help them. You can do so first by changing their…


There are a lot of problems in this world. This is the reality – this is something that none of us can escape. And maybe this is something that we need to remind these people about.

If they view their problems as negative, the weight of these are doubled or even quadrupled. As a result, they don’t notice it anymore but they are already passing on their concerns and even their negativity to the people around them. Ultimately, the people around them perceive them as a burden.

To avoid this, encourage them to modify their outlook. Whatever problems they are going through can be viewed as opportunities to mold their character.

Another encouragement that we can give to these kinds of people is to remind them that they have the power to …


What you feed becomes stronger and stronger, and what you starve becomes weaker and weaker.

Let’s remind them about this, and encourage them to choose what they will FEED their thoughts everyday.  

If what they are reading is giving them nothing but negativity, then they should STOP reading it.

Continuing to do something that only makes them even more miserable would be torture — and self-torture is never worth it, and never good.

Or maybe they keep on hearing bad news. It would be good to encourage them to take a break from listening to these kinds of things and instead, begin listening to UPLIFTING stories. There are a lot of these things on YouTube. And of course, it would also be a good habit to read blog posts like this and watch some of the Chink Positive videos.

And if you are starting to be influenced by these kinds of people to also do nothing but complain and criticize, by all means, AVOID THEM as much as you can.

Of course this isn’t about thinking highly of you or becoming a snob. It’s about helping yourself first, so that you will be able to help them too EVENTUALLY. Once you are a certified positive already (or again), then it’s time for you to influence them, and make your positivity be contagious to them.  


Do you know of anyone who’s so tiring to be with?

What about you, how is your outlook in life?

Do you want to experience rest for everything that is wearying you and burdening you?

What do you think should you do?

(Chinkee Tan is a top Filipino motivational speaker, wealth and life coach whose goal is to inform, educate, motivate, and disturb. His vision is to help people become financially-literate and debt-free. For more info about Chinkee Tan, please visit his fan page at FB, Twitter and Instagram. Also follow VIBER PUBLIC CHAT GROUP search chinkee tan, and VISIONCHINKEE on You Tube for more news and encouragements.)

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