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Filipinos unite for International Coastal Cleanup Day 2019

At least 20,000 volunteers picked up trash along the coast of Manila Bay during the observance of the 34th International Coastal Cleanup Day in the Philippines. Individuals from different government agencies, private companies, and non-government...

WATCH: New Nas Daily video features how the Philippines fixes overtourism impact

Viral Facebook vlogger Nas Daily released its new video feature commending the Philippines for its efforts to fix the negative impact of overtourism. Nas Daily creator Nuseir Yassin posted his 4th video about his favorite...

Good News Pilipinas! TV Express: Rehabilitation to revive Manila Bay as key tourism destination

The initial phase of rehabilitation work on Manila Bay is reviving the world-renowned coastline as a key tourism destination for the Philippines. Thousands of volunteers took part in the January bay clean up drive, attracting...
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