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WATCH: New Nas Daily video features how the Philippines fixes overtourism impact

Nas Daily overtourism
Viral vlogger Nas Daily created another video feature praising the Philippines. Credits to Nas Daily

Viral Facebook vlogger Nas Daily released its new video feature commending the Philippines for its efforts to fix the negative impact of overtourism.

Nas Daily creator Nuseir Yassin posted his 4th video about his favorite country on October 6 titled “How This Country Fixed Tourism!”

In the 3-minute video, Yassin is seen with fellow vloggers Alyne Tamir of Dear Alyne and Agon Hare of Project Nightfall enjoying Philippine beaches.

Yassin, known for both biting critique and glowing praises for places he has visited, commended Filipinos for efforts to curb the impact of overtourism by the country’s over 7 million foreign tourists who leave plastic trash, sewage, destroy nature, interrupt wildlife, and pollute the oceans.

Nas Daily overtourism Boracay
Nas Daily praises the reopening of a cleaner Boracay beach. Screengrab Nas Daily.

Nas Daily notes how the Philippines is fixing the problem with the following actions:

  1. putting nature over money and closing bays, beaches
  2. demolishing buildings to make room for sand
  3. cleaning beaches
  4. stopping use of plastic bottles
  5. creating new sewer system
  6. using electric tricycles instead of diesel-powered units
  7. more trash cans
  8. protecting corals from boats and limiting its number
  9. limiting tourists on the island to avoid overcrowding

Nas Daily noted the resulting clean beaches and nature.

Nas Daily overtourism
Dear Alyne on the beaches of El Nido in Palawan. Screengrab Nas Daily.

“I am the biggest fan of tourism. It’s the best way to broaden your mind and your soul. However, tourism comes with its own downside. Here is how one country is trying to fix it and promote sustainable tourism!” wrote Nas Daily in the caption to his new video post.

Nas Daily and his fellow vloggers visited the Philippines in the last week of September upon the invitation of the Department of Tourism. The resulting fourth video feature is a follow up to three other videos declaring his love for the country and Filipinos.

Yassin has also created his special page for Filipinos called Nas Daily Tagalog on Facebook with subtitles for all his videos.

WATCH the video and SEND cheers in the comments below to Nas Daily and the people of the Philippines for curbing the impact of overtourism in the islands!

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