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Filipino Delicacies Turon and Maruya Secure Spots in World’s Top 50 Donuts List

The beloved Filipino fried desserts, Turon and Maruya, have received global acclaim, landing spots on the World’s Best 50 Donuts list, as rated by TasteAtlas reviewers this February 2024.

Savor the Victory: Philippines’ Leche Flan Secures Spot as World’s 3rd Best Custard on...

Imagine a creamy, golden elixir, its luscious sweetness enveloped in a layer of amber caramel syrup. Imagine that first heavenly spoonful melting in your mouth as if it were a culinary cloud. This is no mere dessert—this is the Philippines' Leche Flan, a dish of ethereal beauty and decadence.
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