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Filipino Delicacies Turon and Maruya Secure Spots in World’s Top 50 Donuts List

Cypher Learning
Cypher Learning
Filipino Delicacies Turon World's Top 50
Filipino fried desserts Turon and Maruya made it to the World’s Best 50 Donuts list released by TasteAtlas. TasteAtlas photos.

The beloved Filipino fried desserts, Turon and Maruya, have received global acclaim, landing spots on the World’s Best 50 Donuts list, as rated by TasteAtlas reviewers this February 2024.

Turon, known for its crispy exterior and sweet, succulent interior, clinched the 17th position, while Maruya’s delightful banana fritters secured the 29th spot, showcasing the rich and diverse flavors of the Philippines on the global list topped by Bomboloni from Tuscany, Italy.

Turon, also recognized as Banana Lumpia, Turrón de Banana, or Lumpiyang Saging, is a celebrated Filipino snack. Made from saba plantains and jackfruit, these ingredients are sliced, coated in brown sugar, wrapped in a thin wheat wrapper, and fried to perfection. This dessert, which traces its origins to Chinese spring rolls, is often garnished with caramel or sesame seeds, offering a crunchy and sweet experience.

Maruya, another Filipino favorite, presents bananas in a crispy, battered form. Prepared with saba bananas, these fritters are either sliced or mashed, enveloped in a light batter, and fried until golden. Commonly dusted with sugar, Maruya serves as a delightful snack or dessert, cherished across the country for its simplicity and taste.

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Turon received a 4.2-star rating, while Maruya was awarded 4.1 stars, according to TasteAtlas, the renowned global gastronomy encyclopedia. The platform also recommends experiencing Turon at Locavore in Pasig, highlighting it as an iconic dining destination in the Philippines.

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These recognitions not only celebrate the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines but also place Filipino desserts on the global map alongside other international delights. In 2023, Maruya joined other Filipino sweets Taho and Espasol on TasteAtlas’ Top 50 Best Street Food Sweets, while Leche Flan and Sorbetes rank among the Top 50 Global Desserts.

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