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Filipino Delicacies Turon and Maruya Secure Spots in World’s Top 50 Donuts List

The beloved Filipino fried desserts, Turon and Maruya, have received global acclaim, landing spots on the World’s Best 50 Donuts list, as rated by TasteAtlas reviewers this February 2024.

Philippines Shine in Global Food Scene: Sinigang, Atchara, Makati, The Aristocrat Win Acclaim

Filipino food gems 'Sinigang', 'Atchara', Makati City, and The Aristocrat restaurant have soared to global recognition, securing spots in the prestigious 2023 World’s Best 100 list by TasteAtlas raters. This accolade spotlights the Philippines' culinary artistry in the international arena.

Philippine Cuisine Triumphs in Global Rankings: Sinigang na Baboy, Bulalo, and Tinolang Manok Among...

The culinary treasures of the Philippines have once again captivated the palates of international food connoisseurs. In the latest TasteAtlas rankings released on November 16, 2023, three iconic Filipino soups - Sinigang na Baboy, Bulalo, and Tinolang Manok - have secured prestigious spots among the World’s Best Rated Meat Soups, showcasing the vibrant flavors of Filipino cuisine.

Savor the Victory: Philippines’ Leche Flan Secures Spot as World’s 3rd Best Custard on...

Imagine a creamy, golden elixir, its luscious sweetness enveloped in a layer of amber caramel syrup. Imagine that first heavenly spoonful melting in your mouth as if it were a culinary cloud. This is no mere dessert—this is the Philippines' Leche Flan, a dish of ethereal beauty and decadence.

Filipino Sweets Taho, Maruya, and Espasol Shine in Taste Atlas’ Top 50 Best Street...

Filipino cuisine continues to leave its global footprint, as three local favorites – taho, maruya, and espasol – are recognized in the 2023 Taste Atlas’ Top 50 Best Street Food Sweets in the World list. These heart-warming and lip-smacking sweets have successfully represented the tropical archipelago in the popular global food map.

What’s Cracking? 4 Filipino Pork Dishes Rank Among World’s Best – Can You Guess...

A symphony of flavors awaits as Filipino cuisine soars in international recognition, with four local pork dishes making their mark on the popular Taste Atlas list of "50 Best Pork Dishes in the World".

Filipino favorites Sinigang, Bulalo rank in Taste Atlas’ World’s Top 50 Best Soups

Filipino cuisine continues to impress as two of its beloved soups, sinigang na baboy and bulalo, have landed on Taste Atlas' Top 50 Best Soups in the World List of 2023.

Quezon’s Lambanog ranks 10th world’s best-rated spirit

Quezon province's popular drink, the Lambanog, ranks 10th in the 10 Best-Rated Spirits in the World list released by the food encyclopedia, Taste Atlas.

Philippine cuisine, Inasal na Manok rank in Taste Atlas World Top 100

Philippine cuisine and Inasal na Manok (chargrilled/roasted chicken) were named among the World's Top 100 by Taste Atlas Awards 2022.

Philippines’ Chicken Inasal is World’s 5th Best Chicken Dish

The Philippines' Inasal na Manok (chargrilled/ roasted chicken) has been ranked the world's 5th Best Chicken Dish in the October TasteAtlas ranking.

5 Types of Philippines’ Pancit Rank Among Best Noodle Dishes in the World

Five versions of the Philippines' pancit dish have made it to the 50 Best Noodle Dishes world ranking of Taste Atlas.

Filipino dish Sinigang hailed World’s No. 1 vegetable soup in Taste Atlas

Sinigang, a sour soup native to the Philippines, has been named the World's No. 1 vegetable soup by the online food encyclopedia, Taste Atlas.
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