Filipino favorites Sinigang, Bulalo rank in Taste Atlas’ World’s Top 50 Best Soups

Bulalo Taste Atlas' World's  Best Soups
Taste Atlas recognizes two popular Filipino soups, sinigang and bulalo, as world-renowned culinary delights. Taste Atlas photos.

Filipino cuisine continues to impress as two of its beloved soups, sinigang na baboy and bulalo, have landed on Taste Atlas’ Top 50 Best Soups in the World List of 2023.

The Philippines’ comforting dishes secured the 42nd and 43rd spots, with each receiving a 4.4-star rating out of 5 in the list released on April 14, 2023, by the online database for gastronomic delights around the world.

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Taste Atlas highlights sinigang as a savory and sour pork-vegetable soup, featuring various pork cuts simmered with tamarind fruit, tomatoes, onions, garlic, okra, white radish, water spinach, and sili. The soup also has variations using beef, shrimp, or fish, and can be found in a miso version with fermented rice and barley or soybeans. While sinigang mix is readily available, the food database emphasizes that the full experience comes from enjoying the dish made from scratch. The site also recommends sinigang na hipon and eating the dish at Max’s Restaurant in the Philippines.

Bulalo, on the other hand, is a traditional Filipino beef soup known for its rich flavor, derived from cooking beef shanks and marrow bones until the fat and collagen dissolve into the broth. Commonly served with cabbage, potato, string beans, onions, and corn, bulalo is a specialty of the Luzon region and is often enjoyed during cold weather. Taste Atlas recommends visiting Tagaytay City restaurants like Leslie’s, Balay Dako, Mahogany Market, Josephine, and Bulalo Point to taste the best bulalo in the country. Due to the premium cuts of meat used, bulalo is typically found in upscale Philippine restaurants.

In 2021, Taste Atlas’ audience awarded sinigang the titles of World’s Best Soup and World’s Best Vegetable Soup. More recently, the online encyclopedia for food named the Filipino lumpiang shanghai among the Top 50 Best Street Food.

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