Philippines’ Chicken Inasal is World’s 5th Best Chicken Dish

Chicken Inasal World's 5th Best Chicken Dish
Inasal na Manok originated from Bacolod in the Visayas. Photo from TasteAtlas feature.

The Philippines’ Inasal na Manok (chargrilled/ roasted chicken) has been ranked the world’s 5th Best Chicken Dish in the October TasteAtlas ranking.

The chicken inasal dish from Bacolod in the Visayas islands is ranked in the annual “50 Best Chicken Dishes in the World” based on audience ratings following a 5-star system of the travel guide to traditional dishes, local ingredients, and authentic restaurants.

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Inasal na Manok took the 5th spot with a score of 4.6 in the list released October 14, 2022, topped by Pollo a la brasa of Peru (1st), with Butter Chicken (2nd) and Tikka (3rd) of India, and Jujeh kabab (4th) of Iran.

The TasteAtlas encyclopedia entry for Inasal na manok reads:

“Inasal na Manok is a unique Filipino grilled chicken dish which originated in Bacolod and became the signature dish of the entire Visayas region. It employs various chicken cuts marinated in a mixture of vinegar and numerous spices such as lemongrass, garlic, and ginger.

“During grilling, the meat is brushed with the annatto-infused oil which provides the chicken with an appetizing golden color and a unique peppery flavor. The dish is usually served alongside annatto-flavored garlic rice and spiced vinegar.”

In September, the Philippines’ lumpiang shanghai ranked as the World No. 2 Best Street Food.

5 Types of Philippines’ Pancit also ranked among the Best Noodle Dishes in the World.

TELL US in the comments below, where did you taste the best-tasting Filipino chicken inasal?

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