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Encantadia stars Kylie Padilla, Ana Feleo build solar lights for the poor

The Philippines' Encantadia stars Kylie Padilla-Abrenica and Ana Feleo have built solar lights in response to the challenge to LIGHT IT FORWARD for the benefit of communities without electricity.

Lysol’s Php36M donation benefits Cagayan De Oro, poor sectors’ COVID-19 testing

Lysol Philippines has donated Php36 million to the Philippine Red Cross to set up a COVID-19 testing center in Cagayan De Oro and help poor sectors get tested for the disease.

5 Bad Money Habits That Will Make You Poor

Nobody wants to be poor! Being poor is no joke at all. By being poor I mean that you can barely make ends meet and not having enough to spend on very basic needs. Fortunately for us,...
Chinkee Tan

I Don’t Want to be Poor

Do you know of anyone who plans to be poor all of his or her life? “Do you know what my plan is in life? To have a poor life. To be a beggar and live in the streets.”

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