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Kathleen Bernardo Aviso named Asia’s Rising Scientist for environmental research

Dr. Kathleen Bernardo Aviso has been named among Asia's Rising Scientists by Asian Scientist Magazine for her environmental research using mathematics.

UP professor-journalist Danilo Arao is new editor of regional journal Media Asia

University of the Philippines (UP) professor and journalist, Danilo Arao, has been tapped to be the new editor of the regional journal, Media Asia. Danilo Arao, a staunch advocate for the rights of Filipino journalists,...

De La Salle Professor Lisandro “Leloy” Claudio wins George McTurnan Kahin Book Prize

De La Salle University (DLSU) Associate Professor Lisandro Claudio has won the George McTurnan Kahin Book Prize for 2019. More popularly known as Leloy Claudio of the “Basagan ng Trip” online video series on Rappler,...
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