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WATCH: Miss Universe Brazil Julia Gama speaks Tagalog to Pinoy pageant fans

Miss Universe Brazil Julia Gama has shared a video in which she speaks to her Filipino fans in Tagalog.

WATCH: Swiss author Annette Hug speaks Filipino like a native

Swiss author Annette Hug is showcased in an Embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines video speaking Filipino like a native.

Is Matilda’s child star-now-author Mara Wilson learning Tagalog for a book?

Matilda's child star Mara Wilson is now all grown up and is an author learning the Filipino language - and people are excitedly wondering if it's for a new book she is writing.

American survey reveals Tagalog, Ilocano are Top languages spoken in the U.S.

An American survey reveals that the Philippine languages of Tagalog and Ilocano are among the most common languages spoken in the United States, aside from English and Spanish.

MEET: Multilingual 8-year-old Kirsten Santos, Spanish Spelling Bee National Champion in the U.S.

Meet Filipino-American Kirsten Santos, the 8-year-old winner of the 2019 National Spanish Spelling Bee in Denver, Colorado. The young national champion was among the 40 students from 15 states and the District of Columbia who...

First KiwiNoy Member of Parliament Paulo Garcia speaks Filipino in maiden statement

The first KiwiNoy Member of Parliament (MP) Paulo Garcia delivered his historical maiden statement in Wellington in three languages - he started speaking in Te Reo Maori, then in the Filipino language, and in...

Why I Am Learning Filipino and Why Your Foreign Friends Need to Do the...

I've been getting a lot of questions on how I learn my Tagalog. Here's how! Besides watching Filipino films, singing Tagalog songs and watching Filipino YouTube videos, I also have a teacher named Adrian! Why...
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