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Pinoy Style Mix and Match: Basketball, Volleyball, Chess, and Zumba on the Same Court?...

Forget the classic combo of bread and butter; the Philippines is taking mix and match to the next level! A "multisport fiesta" was recently captured on video by James Daryll Doinog (a.k.a. DJ Multisport), who recorded his friends playing volleyball while a separate group of basketball players were in the same court. It's the latest rage—like pineapple on pizza, but less controversial!
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Rebisco-Philippines snatches bronze medal in 2019 Thailand Open Volleyball Championships

Rebisco-Philippines Men's Volleyball Team finished strong with a bronze medal win at the 2019 Thailand Open Volleyball Championships. Rebisco-Philippines was able to steal the game and scored an upset against Thai-Denmark Saraburi, 22-25, 27-29, 25-18,...
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