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Pinoy Style Mix and Match: Basketball, Volleyball, Chess, and Zumba on the Same Court? Why Not!

Pinoy Style Mix and Match
When you can’t decide between basketball and volleyball, why not both? Introducing the Philippines’ latest sports sensation: BasketVolleyBallChessZumba! Now with 100% more fun and guaranteed to confuse referees! Photo courtesy of Anything Goes on Jim Facebook page.

Forget the classic combo of bread and butter; the Philippines is taking mix and match to the next level! A “multisport fiesta” was recently captured on video by James Daryll Doinog (a.k.a. DJ Multisport), who recorded his friends playing volleyball while a separate group of basketball players were in the same court. It’s the latest rage—like pineapple on pizza, but less controversial!

The video of this athletic mashup, posted on the fittingly named Facebook page “Anything Goes on Jim,” went viral faster than your Tita can say “Kumain ka na? (Have you eaten?)” Netizens found the combo both unusual and hysterically funny.

On August 11, 2023, Doinog, the mastermind behind this sporting marvel, captioned his now-viral video: “Walang volleyball court pero gusto nyong maglaro? No problem! (There’s no volleyball court, but you want to play? No problem!)” – words that might as well be the Filipino motto capturing the iconic Pinoy resourcefulness. The video has since racked up more numbers than a bingo night at the barangay hall: 800,000 views, 13,000 reactions, 400 comments, and 15,000 shares as of this writing.

Initially, there was a disagreement with the basketball players. But, like a proper telenovela, they resolved their differences, divided the court evenly, and all played happily ever after. Doinog explains the drama like a plot twist in a primetime soap. “Bale po kasi, start nun is parang nagaway-away kami sa court. Then we came up with the idea na maghati na lang po sa court kaysa magtalo-talo (At first, we were like drama queens on the court, but then we decided to divide and conquer instead of bickering),” Doinog told PhilStar.

Netizens had their say, and the suggestions were golden:

  • “2 in 1 sa saya” (It’s like shampoo and conditioner in one, but for sports!)
  • “Di na kailangan magpa-schedule pwede naman palang ganyan e” (No need for a schedule; who knew you could play Tetris with court sports?)
  • “Dapat meron pang naglalaro ng chess sa gitna.” (Chess in the center—just to up the game! Will Eugene Torre and Wesley So agree though?)
  • “Dapat may nagzuzumba rin sa gitna” (Zumba at the center, because why not? Let’s party!)

The Filipinos’ Unquenchable Love for Sports

The Filipinos’ love for basketball and volleyball is legendary, like adobo and rice, but why? Let’s dissect this love affair:

Basketball: It’s accessible, thrilling, and strategic, like a perfect kare-kare. With minimal space and upkeep, it’s taken over the Philippines like a catchy OPM hit. And with the legacy of basketball greats like Caloy Loyzaga, Larry Mumar, Bobby Jaworski of the Barangay Ginebra super fandom, and today’s PBA stars like June Mar Fajardo, Greg Slaughter, Calvin Abueva, and a bevy of numerous collegiate stars – basketball isn’t just a game; it’s a lifestyle. Case in point: Every barangay across the archipelago of 7,641 islands has a basketball court. It’s a national pride as well as the Philippines hosts the upcoming FIBA World Cup with our very own Gilas Pilipinas Philippine Men’s National Basketball Team led by NBA Filipino American star player Jordan Clarkson.

Volleyball: Much like basketball, it’s an affordable love affair accessible to all. Thanks to schools, sponsors, media coverage, and the delicious blend of competitive and recreational play, volleyball has spiked its way into the hearts of Filipinos – and has even led to the creation of the Philippines’ first Professional Volleyball League where star athletes have emerged the likes of Jaja Santiago and Alyssa Valdez.

Resourceful Sport Pinoys

Anything Goes on Jim’s video showcases that when it comes to sports, Filipinos don’t just think outside the box—they toss the box out and play with it! From kids to elders, everyone’s joining in, even if it means playing with slippers or using a makeshift rim and net made from “sampayan (clothesline)”.

In the world of basketball and volleyball, Filipino athletes show their unbreakable spirit and creativity. This fun-filled, mixed-match playstyle proves that the Philippines’ approach to sports is as vibrant, diverse, and delightful as a Sunday family lunch.

So, next time you pass a court, keep an eye out! You might just stumble upon the next great Filipino sports fusion. Who knows? Maybe you’ll spot basketball, volleyball, chess, Zumba, and a Lechon roast-off all in the same place!

WATCH the viral Mix and Match multisport exhibition here and SHARE in the comments below about other fun videos and social media posts featuring Pinoys and Pinoy humor!

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