There Are No Shortcuts In This Life

Chinkee Tan
Chinkee Tan

We all want to get rich, but none of us want to work hard.

We all want to succeed, but none of us want to try.

We all want to succeed, but none of us want to persevere.

We all want to achieve our dreams, but none of us want to do something about it.

We want all things instant – instant noodles, instant mani, instant cash, instant diploma, instant promotion, instant millionaire, and anything and everything else instant! Most of the time, we don’t want any inconvenience, we don’t want to go through the process, we don’t want to wait, we don’t want all of that. And so, what we do is to take a shortcut.

Michael Jordan, who won 6 NBA titles, believed that whatever he got out of the game was exactly what he put into it.

“Be true to the game, because the game will be true to you. If you try to shortcut the game, then the game will shortcut you. If you put forth the effort, good things will be bestowed upon you.” – Michael Jordan

If you don’t completely trust the game  - if you think it’s “unfair” or “rigged” – then deep down you’re not going to feel motivated to give everything that you have. With that attitude, you’ve already lost before you’ve even began.

Success takes a lot of time, energy, and resources. Most of the time, you will need to make sacrifices. Success and the fulfilment of our dreams don’t happen overnight.


Do you feel demotivated?

Are you getting tired of what you are doing?

Remember, as Michael Jordan said, “If you do the work, you get rewarded. There are no shortcuts in life.”

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Chinkee Tan
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