Tips for Students: Success can only happen if you want it

Tips for Students
Butz Bartolome (right) with his protege entrepreneur. Photo from Butz Bartolome social media.

The following “Tips for Students: Success can only happen if you want it” is from the Facebook broadcast of the Philippines’ top business mentor’s talk to Filipino students in Pasay, Manila. 

“Change can ONLY Happen If You Want To. Success is often a chased word. Many people search High and Low yet the key lies within ourselves.” – Butz Bartolome on Instagram

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Ano ba talaga ang tools para maging successful?

In any trying times, especially now with this pandemic, you students are encouraged to be more creative.

This new normal will now spell a new landscape. Hindi na tayo babalik sa dati.
Let’s forget the past and move on forward.

What is the first tool? It lies within yourself. The success of a person, regardless of times and age, is the person’s mindset.

Mindset is the key you have to remember. If you are a person who always thinks of the negative, impossible, “I was born poor…”, remember that everybody started small.

But the success lies in how you make it. How you want your life to be. How you want to start your journey on the right footing.

That is no. 1: a winning mindset.

If you are a loser, negative or passive mindset, saying “Ganyan talaga ang buhay, okay lang, weather-weather lang…” If you let things pass by under your nose you are like a floating water lily.

But with a winning mindset, you are a champion, always attract positive things, saying, “Yes, I always make things possible.”

Making the impossible into I-AM possible. Possible lahat kung gusto mo.

If you look back to where you are right now, you will see you are privileged to join such seminars with teachers and mentors who are willing to give you all the tools. Aren’t you lucky?

Baguhin mo. You have the power, the will to do that. The power to change your direction. Always say you can do it, you can change.

Entrepreneurs are not exempted and are willing to take the risk.

When I am asked about starting a business, I always say; Oh gusto mo mag-negosyo? Mirror, mirror on the wall: look at yourself.

The Philippines’ Franchise Guru was also the Keynote Speaker at the Juan Big Idea Facebook event for junior marketers organized by the Philippine Junior Marketing Association on March 7, 2021.

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