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TulaToonz: Ang Suyuan nina Numerator at Denominator

Cypher Learning
Cypher Learning
TulaToonz Numerator at Denominator
Today’s TulaToonz by Edelio De los Santos.

They say numbers and figures tell stories. What story do fractions tell?

This poet used to dream of becoming a Math teacher, but now, he’s fine. Or maybe, actually worse: he wants to express in words what the numbers have failed to tell.

“Ang Suyuan nina Numerator at Denominator” is a tanaga, a short Filipino native poem with 4 lines of 7 syllables each. It is usually compared to Japan’s haiku, but a tanaga could even be considered better due to the flexibility of topics it can cover. Like Math.

Watch this TulaToonz here:


Fractions ang ating math lesson for today. Ready? Ito ay isang tanaga, isang katutubong tulang Filipino na may apat na linya o taludtod, at may pitong pantig o syllable bawat taludtod. fractions tula poetry Filipino Philippines

♬ original sound – TulâToonz – TulâToonz

More TulaToonz cartoon performance of Filipino poems here:

Editor’s Note: TulaToonz appears regularly on GoodNewsPilipinas.com, courtesy of Edelio De los Santos.

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Edelio P. De los Santos
Edelio P. De los Santoshttp://highway54.wordpress.com
Edelio P. De los Santos is a former journalist and BPO worker. His work has been previously published in Santelmo quarterly literary magazine, the poetry collection Pintanaga: Linya-linya ng Pagsinta, and with 8Letters Publishing: poetry collections Alamat ng Santol Atbp. and Sa Pagkain Sana; and novella Sa Muling Pagsikat ng Araw, and short stories in Circles Magazine and Pinoy SciFi anthology They Came From The Rivers. He is also a member of Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika at Anyo (LIRA), the oldest organization of poets writing in Filipino. He grew up in Baler, Aurora, and currently lives in Metro Manila with his family and cats.

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