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Nakituntong | TulaToonz

Pa'no kung 'yung kalabaw ang maghangad na tumuntong sa langaw? Ang palabas natin ngayong linggo ay parody ng isang klasikong video na nalikha ni Marv Newland noong 1969, ang "Bambi Meets Godzilla," naiba nga...

Ligaw | TulaToonz

What happened to the kitten? "Ligáw" is a tanaga, a traditional Filipino poem with 4 lines and 7 syllables per line. Edelio is the writer, admin, and animator for TulaToonz. He is also a member of...

Waiver | TulaToonz

Poet Ronel Osias summarizes emotions felt when signing a waiver in a diyona, a traditional Filipino poem with 3 lines and 7 syllables per line. Osias is a teacher and writer from Rizal province. He...

Kandila | TulaToonz

We keep it alive when we mourn, and put it out on happy occasions. “Kandila” is a dalit, a traditional Filipino poem with 4 lines and 8 syllables per line, and in this cartoon, is...

TulaToonz: Alaala ng Sinaing

The poet mishears his wife when she asks to have the rice cooker unplugged. “Hugot” ensues. “Alaala ng Sinaing” is a dalít, traditional Filipino poetry with 4 lines and 8 syllables each line. The author is...

TulaToonz: Romansa sa Hardin

This week's poem is written by National Artist Virgilio S. Almario and expresses the bliss that the poet experiences as he finds a pleasant surprise in a flower garden. "Romansa sa Hardin" is a...

TulaToonz: Pag-uwi

When we just have enough money for the exact fare home, we hold on to them tightly. How about memories? "Pag-uwi" is a dalít, a traditional Filipino poem with 4 lines and 8 syllables per...

TulaToonz: Lip Service

What if "lip service" has a different meaning? And what's behind the poet's mask?

TulaToonz: Ang Suyuan nina Numerator at Denominator

They say numbers and figures tell stories. What story do fractions tell?

Parallel Lines: Paano kung “hugotero” ang Geometry teacher mo?

“Tonight, I can draw the saddest lines,” the Geometry teacher said. “Ones that never meet no matter how close to each other, no matter how far they are extended.”

For Sale: Katre with Poem

A photograph went viral on social media showing a sign for a “katre” (wooden bedframe) “with poem” instead of “with foam” or foam mattress. It inspired us to wonder: what could be done on a “katre with poem?”

Behind The Scenes: TulaToonz

May Tiktok account ako, pero dati ay doon ko ipinopost ang mga noob moves ko sa Mobile Legends. Ngayon, binago ko ang username at nilalaman ng account: TulaToonz, na may pangakong mag-feature ng isang tula kada linggo.
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