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Unmasking Fake Job Ads: JobStreet’s #ProjectCombat Aims to Shield Job Seekers From Growing Scam Threats

JobStreet's #ProjectCombat Growing Scam Threats
Learn key tips to stay vigilant against increasingly sophisticated job frauds on social media and messaging apps, ensuring a secure job hunt. Photos from JobStreet.

The exponential growth of social media and messaging apps has shifted the traditional job search landscape, offering job seekers a variety of channels to explore potential employment opportunities. However, the advent of these platforms has opened up new avenues for deceit and fraud. To combat these rising threats, the online job platform JobStreet, a service by SEEK, has launched a pioneering educational initiative, #ProjectCombat.

#ProjectCombat, a regional campaign aimed at arming job seekers with crucial knowledge to discern between genuine job ads and fraudulent ones, has been rolled out in light of the significant surge in deceptive scam alerts that applicants have been encountering, particularly via messaging apps. This surge, according to JobStreet, signifies an unsettling evolution in scammer tactics, with fraudsters growing more inventive and cunning, crafting highly enticing job ads with attractive salary offerings.

“Scammers have become more sophisticated and their schemes more elaborate. They attempt to draw in unsuspecting applicants with lucrative job ads that ultimately lead to phishing, identity theft, swindling, and worse,” the JobStreet team warns.

Among the key red flags to look out for, the strongest sign of a bogus job listing is when an applicant is coaxed into sending money to further the application process.

Other common indicators of online job scams often include:

  • receiving generic messages devoid of any personally identifiable information
  • being offered positions by companies that you have not applied to
  • a lack of company-specific details, such as an email address or website, for verification purposes

JobStreet encourages job seekers to prioritize their search on reputable job platforms. These platforms ensure the legitimacy of job listings, authenticate companies, detect fraud, and implement other preventive measures to deter fake job ads.

The platform also emphasizes that official professional recruiters will directly address applicants by name, provide specific information aligning with the details shared during the application process, and share links directing to a legitimate JobStreet job posting.

For those who suspect they are being targeted by scammers or have fallen prey to a scam, JobStreet advises them to cease communication immediately and to stay vigilant. Victims should also immediately contact their local police or any agency that issued their identity documents for guidance.

“Our team’s mission doesn’t just end in providing support and jobs to every Filipino, we also ensure security to give jobseekers the confidence to pursue their career aspirations without fear and hesitancy,” said Kim Viray, JobStreet Philippines Head of Marketing.

As the digital job-hunting landscape continues to evolve, the importance of staying vigilant and informed about potential scams becomes paramount. JobStreet’s #ProjectCombat is a timely initiative offering much-needed guidance in navigating these challenging waters.

For guidelines and tips on making online job searches, visit this link: https://JobStreet-about.kinsta.seekasia.com/about-us/safe-job-search-guide/

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