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Philippine Science High School Students Triumph at Singapore’s STEM Challenge for Sustainable Solutions

Cypher Learning
Cypher Learning
Philippine Science High School Singapore's STEM Challenge
Learn about these Filipino students’ pioneering projects that earned them gold, silver, and bronze awards, contributing to a sustainable future. SISTEMIC 2023 Team PSHS photos.

From designing eco-friendly residential solutions to smart food sustainability systems, the students from the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) stunned the international community at the Singapore International STEM Innovation Challenge (SISTEMIC) 2023. They returned home with a collection of gold, silver, and bronze awards, making the nation proud.

The PSHS delegation shined among 289 participants representing 43 Singaporean schools and 19 international schools from 14 countries who gathered for the 2023 SISTEMIC held at the National Junior College, Singapore from May 24-29.

Gold Glory for PENGUIN-EERING Innovation

Nicole Conrad Obrero from the PSHS-CVisC campus turned heads at the Singapore International STEM Innovation Challenge (SISTEMIC) 2023, securing a golden victory among 289 contenders from around the world. Her ingenious solution, “PENGUIN-EERING,” an engineering design to alleviate heat buildup in residential districts, won the overall gold award in the Design and Build Challenge.

Silver Success with ‘Intelligent Food Organizer

But it didn’t stop there. PSHS-MC students, Kevin William Castro, John Florence Dizon, and Erwyn Aenas Vibal, devised an innovative smart tracking system named “Intelligent Food Organizer (INFO) Magnets.” This impressive tool that could revolutionize our kitchens bagged them the silver award in the STEM Innovation Challenge. It aims to mitigate food waste by providing timely information on food freshness via easily recognizable fridge magnets and light indicators.

Bronze Brilliance with HYDRO and DILAW Innovations

Angel Karl Gordo, also from PSHS-CVisC, wasn’t to be left behind. He won the Young Innovative Engineer overall bronze award in the Design and Build category with his “HYDRO” or Hydroponic High-Yield System. This ingenious system could revolutionize urban farming by optimizing sustainable crop development and rooftop farm usage.

Adding to the bronze tally was the “DILAW” team, comprising of Krystelle Sanchez, Gordo, and Obrero. “DILAW,” or Direct Identification of Bleach Using Low-Cost Paper Sensor, promises a novel way of assessing the quality of water bodies.

Special Recognition for Exceptional Collaboration and Problem-Solving Skills

Erwyn Aenas Vibal, along with other international scholars, earned a special accolade – the Best Engineering Product award in the Design and Build Challenge. This was for their remarkable display of collaboration and problem-solving skills during an intense 24-hour design challenge where students from different countries synergized to innovate.

These remarkable victories were achieved under the mentorship of Dr. Benito A. Baje, Arlene Cahoy – Agosto, and Boon Kristoffer P. Lauw.

These accolades at the SISTEMIC 2023, co-hosted by the National Junior College and the Singapore Ministry of Education, further elevate the international reputation of PSHS, which recently secured national victories to earn the right to represent the Philippines in the upcoming International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) and the International Geography Olympiad (iGEO). The theme of the event, “Designing A Sustainable Tomorrow,” resonates with the groundbreaking solutions brought forth by the PSHS scholars. These students are indeed shaping a sustainable future with their innovative minds.

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