Viral V-Day videos celebrate true Pinoy love stories

Jollibee’s Valentine’s Day videos celebrate true Pinoy stories of love – and Filipino netizens quickly turned the ads viral on the internet.


The triple treat romantic videos ads inspired by true stories sent to Jollibee’s Facebook page and customer service, and were released as part of the #KwentongJollibee Valentine Series.

Vow” the first of the videos which shows how love continues on despite unhappy endings turned in 13 million views on Facebook within days of its release before love day – and Filipino netizens reactions ranged from teary to incredulousness at a heart-rending ad from the Filipino fast food chain.

The video directed by Ianco Dela Cruz shows a bride walking down the aisle towards an expectant man who reminisces about how he felt she was “the one” for him when he first met her.

“From that day onwards, I already know, you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

So to you I make this promise… that I will be the man for you. I want you to be the happiest girl of all,” the happy man says as they share a moment in front of the altar.

However the bride then turns away from the man we presumed to be the groom, towards another man who turns out to be the actual groom of the bride – as a voice over says, “Even if we didn’t end up together, I will always be your best friend.”

Asked why they selected the story, Jollibee brand communications and public relations director Arline Adeva said in a Philippine Star interview, “Love has many languages… Friendship is still a very good foundation of love that is worth celebrating.”

Adeva adds the objective of their campaign is to celebrate all forms of love.

The next video released hours after the first was “Crush” which raked in 11 million internet views.

It tells the story of a college boy who admires a girl from a distance and finds various ways to cheer her up.

“Things take a turn when the girl meets and gets into a relationship with the school jock, dashing the hopes of the college boy. Decades later, a homecoming event in their alma mater sees the same boy and girl – now in their elderly years –finding themselves in that poignantly sweet familiar scene,” the official synopsis of the ad describes the story directed by Joel Ruiz.

Filipino netizens finally get a happy ending story when the story reveals the two characters are actually together and are grandparents to their children’s kids.

The final video in the trilogy is “Date” brought in 9 million views.

Under award-winning director Pepe Diokno’s direction, the ad shows a young boy dressed up like a man who prepares a Valentine dinner for his mother as a man’s voice is heard giving him instructions.

When the mother comes in to sit at the table the boy brings her a tablet showing a man on a hospitable bed.

“Hi Hon. Happy Valentine’s Day. Sorry I couldn’t be there with you. I don’t think I’ll make it… Ibinilin na kita kay Joey. Siya na ngayon ang iyong Valentine’s date,” says the man.

“Following his father’s routine, the young boy manages to give his mom one of the most memorable dates ever, complete with her Jollibee favorites,” the ad synopsis reads.

“The mom was overwhelmed as she finds out that the Valentine’s date was actually her late husband’s wish as proof of his everlasting love for her.”

Adeva says of the stories, "We wanted to capture love in different forms, where there isn't always a happy ending," she said. "We're so happy that these really hit the spot with people."

Jollibee is known for advocating Filipino values and has given out awards to Filipino families with the same advocacy.

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