Voltes V: Legacy Breaks into TheWit’s Top 10 Most Followed New Shows on Instagram

Voltes V TheWit Instagram
Explore the phenomenal rise of GMA’s ‘Voltes V: Legacy’ as it secures a place in the Top 10 Most Followed New Shows on Instagram, according to TheWit. Discover how this Filipino live-action adaptation captivates global audiences with its high-quality visuals, exceptional acting, and nostalgic narrative. Photo from GMA Network.

In the bustling world of digital TV, making a mark on the international stage is a feat not easily achieved. Yet, “Voltes V: Legacy”, a Filipino live-action adaptation, has defied the odds and entered The World Information Tracking’s (TheWit) top 10 list of the most-followed new shows on Instagram.

The Social Wit List for the month of May 2023 indicates the show has secured the 10th spot, recording an impressive estimated 10,000 followers within a single month of the show’s release.

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A Global for “Voltes V: Legacy”

Not only does “Voltes V: Legacy” garner local acclaim, but the GMA-produced show has also caught global attention. This triumph makes it the only Filipino TV series to enter this prestigious list, standing shoulder to shoulder with shows from the United States, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Malta, Spain, and South Korea.

TheWit’s ranking illustrates how widely resonant “Voltes V: Legacy” has become on Instagram, a platform known for shaping public discourse and pop culture. Furthermore, TheWit is a reliable source of information for producers, broadcasters, distributors, and advertisers worldwide, showcasing the best TV and digital content, currently running programs, and projects in development. This inclusion, thus, is a testament to the impact of “Voltes V: Legacy” on the global digital content scene.

The Power of “Voltes V: Legacy”

This 21st-century take on the classic anime series from the 1970s, “Voltes V: Legacy” has clearly captured the hearts of a global audience, showing the power of Filipino creativity and its place in the international TV and digital content landscape.

The astounding success of “Voltes V: Legacy” on Instagram suggests that the show’s blend of nostalgia, innovative storytelling, and visual grandeur resonates with viewers across the globe. With its rising social media popularity, the show offers exciting opportunities for fan interaction, additional content, and exclusive insights into the series that only enhance viewer engagement.

As “Voltes V: Legacy” continues to climb the ranks of global recognition, one thing is clear: the world is taking notice. This achievement sets the stage for the future of Filipino productions on the international scene. The show’s success serves as an inspiration to content creators everywhere, demonstrating the limitless possibilities of bringing classic stories into the digital age.

Looking Forward

While it’s too early to predict the long-term impact of “Voltes V: Legacy” on the global digital TV landscape, its debut on TheWit’s top 10 list is a significant achievement that can’t be overlooked. As the series continues to cultivate a strong following, we can expect to see its influence grow on both local and international stages. Stay tuned for further developments on “Voltes V: Legacy” and its exciting journey in the world of digital TV content.

Tune In and Be Part of the Legacy

In a world where content is king, “Voltes V: Legacy” is leading the charge for the Philippines, breaking barriers and reminding the world that the country’s entertainment industry is a force to be reckoned with. This achievement is a beacon of hope for all Philippine content creators, opening doors to international recognition and success. The world waits in anticipation as “Voltes V: Legacy” continues to write its legacy. Stay tuned for more updates and thrilling storylines from this groundbreaking series.

Viewers can catch “Voltes V: Legacy” week-nights at 8:00 p.m. on GMA Telebabad and at 9:40 p.m. on GTV. Global Pinoys can also tune in via GMA Pinoy TV.

WATCH a clip from Voltes V: Legacy here:

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